Mikado V-Bar Repair/tip
last updated 10-24-2010

After I upgraded to version 5, I was checking out the vibration meter. I would hover outside then bring the heli inside and connect it to the computer. All was going well when POP!!! In a split second I killed my V-Bar. As I was about to insert the USB cable, the outside of the connector brushed against a couple of pins marked v-sensor2. My VBar was dead and there I had a brand new helicopter, what was I to do. First step was to evaluate the problem so off came the V-Bar case.
Tip: Note that I have a blue connector protecting the bluetooth module pins. A long time ago I read that if you accidentally plug the sensor into this you will destroy the sensor. Now I have empty plugs in the sensor2 and servo slots. You can do this or at least cover the pins up with some tape.

I spotted the problem right away. There is a trace that is blown in two locations. Here is a little closer picture:

You can see the trace is open by the servo header and also just above the regulator.

And this is a picture after I removed the servo header:

I replaced the trace with a small stranded wire. I know it will carry more current so I have to make sure I NEVER short the pins again. The small area above the regulator had not opened up but to be safe I removed a little more of the insulative coating and flowed solder over that section of the trace.

This fixed my VBar but I have a tip for you if this happens. I connected the unit up to the computer and the software was stuck on the initializing screen. I figured I was going to have to send off the unit to be fixed at the factory, but after thinking it through, I realized it needed the sensor plugged in. Once that was connected it worked just as it had been before the accidental destruction.