Tarot ZXY flybarless controller
last updated 2-19-2012

setup-sticks ==== my page on setup using stick programming
setup-prg_box == my page on setup using the programming box

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Firmware update 2-19-2012

Link: InfinityHobby, HobbyKing
Owners manual: <here>
video of the Tarot ZYX on my miniTitan <here>

USB interface, if you have this and the necessary cable, you can program the unit using the software <here>

Files: My Quick Chart <spreadsheet>12KB  <pdf>44KB
Note: In the spreadsheet, there are two sheets one for the System Menu and the other for the Setup Menu.

10-22-2011 I got in 12 flights (84 minutes) today on a miniTitan. It gets a big thumbs up from me. It feels a lot like my BeastX when it was v2. Very stable and predictable unlike the 3gx that was on the heli. The Tarot ZXY has a very linear feel to the cyclics which I like a lot. I use zero paddle simulation in my Vbar if that gives you an idea of what I prefer. Continuous flips were smooth just like they should be... something I could not get the 3gx to do. It had a whipping effect. Rainbows, snakes, piro-flips, etc all were smooth and predictable. A very fun experience today with this low cost system. Removing the 3gx was just temporary to test the Tarot ZXY... but after today the ZXY is not coming off.
I do have a few tips. First is the tail. It was windy today and the tail was whipping on my first flight. Slow or fast pirouette the effect was the same. I had setup the ZXY with F3C flight mode. I changed it to 3D and the tail was great! I changed it back to F3C and the tail whipped again. Apparently the control loop is different. Perhaps it is to give a little weathervane effect to keep the tail tracking inline for F3C maneuvers. To me the cyclic felt like it had a slight expo feel near center. Also the flip rate was lower in this F3C mode.

Another tip, when entering system or setup menu you will see the lights flashing but that is not the time to let go of the stick. Wait for the three LED's to do a fast rotating sequence:
note: you have about 4 seconds to apply power then hold either the aileron or the rudder to enter one of the two menus
note2: I had rudder end points at 65/65 and it was still able to enter Setup Menu.

apply power
red yellow and blue solid
hold full right aileron
red yellow and blue flash
all lights out for four seconds
red then yellow then blue and repeat
return aileron to center
lights go out
press the set button
red yellow blue flash once (indicates function 1, mounting orientation)
yellow blinks once (Label up, servo connectors back)
Also note that when you press the Set button, if the unit is busy it may not see you press the button. I found I needed to wait in between flash sequences.

Note: After you change a value in the menu you need to sucessfully advance to the next function before you remove power. This is how your setting is saved. If you press the Set button but the unit is busy and does not advance to the next function then your change is lost if you remover power.

Note: You can exit either menu (System or Setup) by disconnecting power.

Tip: As with any flybarless system if you want to check the pitch then you must disable the control loops. To do this just enter the system menu. You do not need to press the set button, to get to the first function. Instead just entering the menu is all it takes to disable the control loops.

Tip: Before you enter the Setup menu, check all three gyro directions. Once you enter the menu the control loops are disabled. You will need to know if any axis needs to be reversed when you get to function 5.

Info: I originally set a little amount of collective to tail mix in function 7 (Setup menu), but after a few flights I ended up decreasing it until I was at zero. This maybe more for larger helicopters as this is the same as I ended up doing in the 3gx too.

Info: Gain values in function 1 (of Setup Menu): tail gain was used to adjust for tail wag. The cyclic gains were increased about 20 points (you have to count the blinks as you change the value). I never saw any oscillation of the aileron or elevator so I probably could have gone higher but the increased stable feel from the 20 more points was feeling just right for me so I did not continue.

Tip: In function 3 (Setup Menu), set your Hold pitch curve to 0,50,50,50,100. The reason is because you use the rudder stick to adjust the servo trim and it is difficult to move the rudder and keep the collective stick precisely in the middle while doing this. Just make sure that you reset the pitch curve BEFORE you fly.

Tip: In function 3 (Setup Menu), fold the main blades together (rabbit ear style) then rotate the head 360 degrees while watching the tips of the main blades. If they remain beside each other then the swashplate is level.

Tip: Function 6 (Setup Menu): This setting adjust the total collective range unlike the pitch adjustment in the BeastX where you move the collective up and adjust rudder to set the top pitch then move the collective down and set the bottom pitch seperately.