JR G5000T
(using the Futaba 8U Super)

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Note: At this point I only list the instructions unique to setting this gyro up with the 8U-S radio and do not detail the specifics of servo end limits, gyro reverse settings, etc. You can use the instructions that came with the G5000T for that.

Connect the lead marked RUDD to ch4
Connect the lead with the white connector to ch5. This will set the gain value.
Connect the other plug to ch7. This will select either Heading Hold or standard rate

Go to GYRO in the Advanced menu and set the gain you want for Normal flight mode.

Press the right arrow and you will see IDL1, set the gain value you want for flight mode 1.

Press the right arrow and use the +- keys to select SW-E

Next go to the throttle govenor menu and set the NORM mode to 0

Press the right arrow and set the flight mode 1 setting to 100

Press the right arrow and set the flight mode 2 setting to 100

Press the right arrow then set the HOLD to Ch8

Press the right arrow then set the switch to SW-E

Switch the radio to normal flight mode and check the LED on the G5000T amp box. It should be red. Switch the radio to flight mode 1 and the LED should turn green. If it's opposite of this, then to the GOVrpm NORM and set it to 100 and set the IDL1 and IDL2 to 0.

The above configuration lets the flight mode switch select heading hold while in flight mode 1 or 2 and standard rate while in normal mode. It also allows the gain for each mode to be set in the GYRO menu. Gain values are from 0 to 100. This is not like other gyros that use the range of 0-50 and 50-100.

1. uses up the govenor function
2. causes ch8 to change so you can't use it for anything else