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12-30-2010 Wow! Things have changed a lot in this hobby since I first started this site way back in 1999.  And things have changed for me as well. I stopped flying nitro back in 2009 and currently two out of my three helis do not have a flybar. And I am currently assembling a new type of flying machine. It is a T-Wii Copter. And as you see this website has undergone a change. The Raptor info is still there but I also want to provide tips on the other things I fly. So yes things have changed but what has not changed is that I like to help others. Over the years many people that do not even own a Raptor have come to this site for other info (such as gyro setups). Do not worry, the Raptor info will remain here, just added in with the newer things I am interested in. It is all about helping others and having fun :)

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bought May 19, 1999
9-10-5 1680 flights
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bought March 2003
10-2-9 2187 flights
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received August 2007

10-5-8 382 flights
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