Landing gear

This step is simple but I do have a tip I will give that you should use all throughout the rest of the build. The tip is to get a parts bowl. There are several bags you will need to open during the build and you will be less likely to lose a tiny washer or screw if they are in the parts bowl.

For this step you need the parts in this bag:

Landing gear set (#204180)
Note that when you install the struts they should be angled toward the front of the helicopter as shown in the picture on the right.
Take one of the landing gear struts (the plastic part) and insert a m3x15 bolt through the bottom of the strut. Note that the paper manual shows this to be a cap head bolt but mine were philips head bolts. Install the p3x6x4 spacer on the bolt then insert the bolt into the rear of the frameset. Put some blue loctite on the end of the bolt and install a m3x5.5 nut. Do this for the other side. The purpose of the spacers on the rear struts is to get the tail away from the ground. Do the front strut the same but you will use m3x10 bolts and no spacer.

Next install the skids. I know the paper manual does this in the next section but why??? The skids are easy to install, I let them stick out the rear sturt by 25mm. Twist them so the front section is angled straight up then lock them in place with the four tiny set screws that were in the parts bag for this section.

The final item left is the canopy clip. Attach this to the front strut using a m3x8 screw. The stub on the front of this clip should be pointed up.

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