Frame Assembly

Get the frames (#204010) out of the bag and the bearings that are in the bag pictured below:

Note that in the paper manual it indicates that bearings #204561 and #204563 have a quantity of four but that is not what I had in my package nor did my assembly use that many.

Lay out the frame sides on the table. Take the two 8x12x3.5mm bearings (#204578) and place them where the red arrows are pointing. Note the description in the paper manual says 'bearing with washer'. This was confusing because the image in the manual just looked like a standard bearing. I could not see any washers in their drawing nor did I see a special bearing that had a washer built-in. As it turns out later in the assembly you add a washer between the bearing and the one way gear. So don't worry about the washer right now, that will come later. Next install the two 8x16x5mm bearings (#204566) where the yellow arrows are pointing. These are the main shaft bearings. In the event of a crash you need to check these. They can become notchy from the hard impact. Next install the two bearings pointed to by the blue arrows. These are different sizes. One is 3x8x4mm (#204561) and the other is 5x10x4mm (#805104). Now you have two bearings left, 5x11x4mm (#204563). I have them circled in green in position but I found that they kept falling out as I bolted the frames together. So I ended up leaving them out until I got a few bolts in the frame.

The next step is to put the two frame halves together. Note that of the long frame bolts, two are a little shorter then the others. These two will go by the bottom bearing pointed to by the red arrow in the frameset picture shown above. The two shorter bolts are m3x20 and the 19 longer ones are m3x30. The nuts (m3x5.5) that came with my frameset are not nyloc type so they do require loctite. I use Loctite 248 that is in a chapstick type container. This loctite is in a gel state which has the advantage that it will stay where you put it unlike the liquid type. The liquid kind can flow into a bearing or other pivot point if you are not careful. In the third picture above you see I put the nut on the end of the bolt. This was to make it easier to insert the nuts into the frames. They are a tight fit and this helps to push them in place. Once in place unthread the bolt and install it on the other side of the frameset, remember use loctite. And do not forget the two bearings we left out in the first step. After you have a few bolts in to hold the frameset together, install the two bearings in the location that is circled green. Then install the four frame bolts around these bearings to hold them in place. After you get all of the frame bolts there is one more that goes at the very front of the frameset. It is 2.6x10mm and goes in the hole at the front tip of the frameset. It is circled yellow in the picture on the left.


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