Raptor Technique
Flybarless Stabilization aka Flight Stabilizer
last updated 12-31-2010

Tip: Gyro - Flybarless unit - Flight stabilizer: And whatever other name you hear such as virtual flybar, v-bar, etc. So what is the difference? Usually when you hear gyro in reference to a helicopter this is going to be the electronic stabilizer for the tail. Sometimes you will hear someone say tail gyro but usually they just say gyro. Where this gets a little confusing is that a gyro is the name for the sensor that measures the axial rotation. And a flybarless unit contains three of these gyros. So yes it is a gyro unit too. Most are going to say flybarless unit or simply go by the actual product name. And what about Flight Stabilizer... some do not think the word flybar should be associated with the name for a couple of reasons. One is that the units have gone beyond what a mechanical stabilization system can do and they no longer try to replicate the same behavior. Two: with the current trend electronic stabilization may become the standard. At which point having the word flybar as part of the name would confuse new people entering the hobby. What name will become the standard? Who knows... in the USA we still refer to a flashlight even though we do not have to 'flash' it like when it originally came out.

V-Bar: 12-31-2010 I currently run version 5.0 and it performs great! Aside from one small anomally I have with it, I just do not see how it could perform any better. If you have a previous version you should try this new version 5. The setup is so simple compared to any previous version and it feels great in the air. I do not have a page on this unit yet but I do have a tip. the default has 30% expo on the cyclics. I do not like expo and I could feel it when flying. After several flights I realized it could be changed so I backed it down to 10% and that made it perfect. Expo is of course a personal preference so you might like the 30%. You can find my Vbar setup files for my Furion6 on <this> page.
And my old page on setting up version 3.6 is still located <here>
And more recently my repair page for my Vbar is <here>.

BeastX: 12-31-2010 I just got one and I installed it on my Gaui Hurricane 550. Due to weather I have not been able to do much more then forward flight and autos with it. It feels great but I will not be able to give a report on it until I get more flights. I am very interested in the difference in feel of the Vbar 5 versus this new BeastX 2. I can say as far as setup goes they both are very simple. You do need the book with you to setup the BeastX so you know what LED represents which function... and with the Vbar you need a computer to do the setup.