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10-2-2006 I just changed ISP's so make sure if you send me email that you do so only to The old ISP has had problems for the last six months and it was always very difficult for me to update this website

3-27-2004 E-Mail Problems: With all the spam going around on the internet there have been a lot of different techniques used to fight this. Some work great while others do not. Lately I have received a few returned emails. If you did not receive a reply to a question you sent me then let me know. I can try sending it a different way or sending it to a different email address that you have.

Send email to In most cases I will reply the same day, however at times I do receive a lot of email and in addition I usually have a lot of other projects going on too so I can easily get up to a couple of days behind.

5-8-2004 - This is a list of email addresses I have sent a reply to and it did not go through. Note: I only show the first three letters of the email address then place X's for the rest. This is to keep others that you do not want from having your email address.
8-16-2006 Mailbox disabled for this recipient
5-5-2004>... Mailbox disabled for this recipient
3-28-2004> Mailbox disk quota exceeded
3-27-2004] Mail Refused
3-25-2004 Invalid recipient