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Latest news:
2-19-2012 Added page <here> setup Tarot ZYX using a programming box.

2-12-2012 Updated my power supply page <here>

10-25-2011 Updated the miniTitan page to include better pictures of the conversion, some brief instructions, and an updated equipment list for the helicopter. <here>

10-24-2011 video of the Tarot ZYX on my miniTitan <here>

10-23-2011 Tarot ZYX flybarless unit. My curiousity made me buy one of these $60 USD units. <Here> is what I found out.

5-25-2011 Blade mcpX. This is a fun little heli that is useful because of its crash surviveability. This allows you to practice the orientations and maneuvers you are too scared to try on your larger helis. I have some tips for this heli <here>
5-23-2011 T-Wii Copter page <here>. What is a T-Wii Copter? It is a Tri-Copter but using a T frame and instead of 4 tail gyros it uses a Nintendo Wii Motion Plus add-on module that cost less then $20USD. The WM+ board contains 3 gyros, one on each axis. The T-Wii Copter is ideal for both aerial videography and teaching someone to fly helicopters. It is very stable and is large for good visibility and orientation. Plus you only need a 3s2200 pack to fly it.
1-2-2011 Gaui550 page: Updated it. I will later add a page on the setup of my Gaui with my new BeastX flybarless unit. I do like the BeastX!
1-1-2011 Furion6 page: Added tip on battery wire keeper. Added files for DX8, Vbar, and CC ICE80HV. Added pictures on swapping pinion bearing.

12-31-2010 Wow! Things have changed a lot in this hobby since I first started this site way back in 1999.  And things have changed for me as well. I stopped flying nitro back in 2009 and currently two out of my three helis do not have a flybar. And I am currently assembling a new type of flying machine. It is a T-Wii Copter. And as you see this website has undergone a change. The Raptor info is still there but I also want to provide tips on the other things I fly. So yes things have changed but what has not changed is that I like to help others. Over the years many people that do not even own a Raptor have come to this site for other info (such as gyro setups). Do not worry, the Raptor info will remain here, just added in with the newer things I am interested in. It is all about helping others and having fun :)

12-31-2010 Wall mount for my helis :) Click <here> for more pictures.

12-3-2010 Made a note on the step for page 12 of my Furion6 page. The motor counter bearing block was backwards in the picture. The orientation of the bearing is correct but it was assembled wrong at the factory. I will eventually change it around and take a picture. I have many flights on it as is and it is fine. BTW: This helicopter is amazing!!! Every time I fly my Furion6 I just can't get over how great it feels in the air :)

screen protector10-30-2010 I just installed a screen proctector on my Spektrum DX8. It is from rcscreenprotectors.com This one is very clear. Looks so good you do not even notice it is there. Some screen protectors I have used on phones are easily scratched but this one does not.  <pict2> <pict3>

Robart 169 retract tubing10-29-2010 A couple of months ago I sent off several Spektrum receivers to be updated to the quick-connect firmware. When my AR7000's came back they put a new case on it that has small stubs in the case where each antennae wire come out. And on this was some small tubing. The tubing prevents the wire from curling up or being pushed against the case. I did some research and found this is retract air hose by Robart. It has a 1/16" ID and is part number 169. The next problem was finding a place to order this. Most places like Tower Hobbies wanted more in shipping then what the tubing cost. If you are in the USA I ordered mine <here>. Total $8.84 including shipping for 10 feet of this. That's enough to do all of your receivers and sell the rest $1/foot to your flying buddy's :)

10-25-2010 Heli size, I know it can be confusing when you are looking at a helicopter to buy that has the number 500 in the name but it is a 400 class. I have some more info on this <here>.

10-24-2010 This MA Furion6 is my favorite!!! I really like the design and in combination with the Vbar5 it fly's fantastic! I have a YouTube video of me flying it but it is from when I was still getting use to it.

10-24-2010 Vbar repair / tip <HERE>
10-24-2010 eccpm setup on the Spektrum DX8 <HERE>
10-20-2010 Review of the Spektrum DX8 <HERE>
9-29-2010 I have two exciting things right now, a new heli and a new radio! The heli is a MA Furion6 flybarless version and the radio is the Spektrum DX8. I now have a page on the <Furion6> listing my configuration and tips on building it.
7-18-2010 I have had a lot of people from the last few heli fun flys ask me about the Gaui Hurricane 550 that I fly. For more info on my configuration go <here>.